Back in December our good friend Nick passed away.  He was the one responsible for our lightweight receiver sets.  A new engineer came in and couldn’t get the parts done and that shop, our lightweight sets weren’t a high priority for them, so we had to seek out another shop.  After talking to several shops, getting marking variances done and approved by the ATF, we just weren’t getting anywhere, especially not fast.  We stopped taking orders until we could get them done and done to our standards.  

Fast forward to today, we finally approved the new Khaos sets, had them engraved and sent them off to anodizing.  

The lightweight sets are very light(I’ll weigh the set after anodizing).  I don’t like to make claims, like others, saying this is the lightest AR10 on the market, its just a ridiculous claim, as we don’t pay attention to what others do or how light they make theirs.  We focus on our builds, our receivers, our barrels and most importantly, out customers.

The rifles built using these receiver sets, with our carbon barrels, carbon fiber handguards and the rest of the parts we choose to build the Khaos come in right around the 7lb mark, just like our old Khaos rifles.

Parts list for the Khaos include:

Khaos receiver set

Smoke carbon handguard

Spade Composites carbon barrel

Velocity 3lb trigger

JP high pressure bolt/carrrier group

SLR adjustable gas block

Breek Arms ambi charging handle

Ambi bolt catch and safety selector

MFT Minimalist stock

Our designed high pressure kynshot hydrulic buffer

Orange high pressure spring

Any single color of your choice(on upper/lower)

Price is $3499

If interested in  a 243/22-250/6mm or 6.5 Creedmoor or 308, feel free to visit our site at or email us at