The Kynshot hydraulic buffer:

The KynSHOT™ hydraulic buffers reduce recoil, muzzle rise and shoulder fatigue allowing for quicker target acquisition after the trigger is pulled. In addition, the KynSHOT buffers control the bolt carrier group operation thereby reducing excessive wear and tear on the mechanical cycling components.

We worked extensively to come up with a suppressed version of their Kynshot 5004 “shorty” buffer.  Its not available on Kynshots website, it was made exclusively for us. The designation is the 5004HP. When we were testing several of their buffers, with the crew at the shop and a few swat snipers from a local law enforcement team, we noticed the lack of recoil and the dampening of this hydraulic buffer over a standard buffer.

With eight people testing the new carbine length 308 hydraulic buffer, every one of the shooters felt reduced recoil.  We tried different springs, which had mixed results.  The Springco “orange” spring helped the most with over pressure, albeit there wasn’t much with just the new high pressure hydraulic buffer.

All of my AR10 style rifles run this new 5004HP hydraulic buffer, from my 6mm Creedmoor to my 308 and 22-250.

This buffer is meant for the higher pressured rounds and suppressed shooting.

I am very proud to work with such a great company like Kyn-shot and they were very open of my ideas and suggestions.