Barrel Break-In

Cleaning Procedures

  1. Always make sure your firearm is unloaded.
  2. Use the correct sized jag and patch for your caliber.
  3. We recommend KG Industries cleaning products, especially their carbon cleaner and copper cleaner.
  4. Wet a patch and run it through your barrel. Always from the chamber end of the rifle.
  5. Wet a properly sized Nylon brush and run it back and forth approximately 10 times to loosen all the carbon.
  6. Now use a cotton patch through the bore all the way out of the muzzle, do this until tit comes out clean.
  7. After your bore is clean, put a lightly oiled patch through the bore before storing in a safe place.

Barrel Break in:

All Specialized Dynamics barrels are hand lapped, which makes breaking in your Barrel easier, but you still need to worry about copper fouling. Copper fouling is caused when the jacket material is being left in the barrel. During the first few rounds pieces of the copper jacket will be left in the barrel. It is important to remove this fouling, completely, after each shot to help prevent a build-up later on.

To remove copper fouling, we recommend KG Industries KG-12 Big Bore Copper Cleaner.

For break-in, the barrel should be cleaned after every shot for the first 10-12 rounds or until copper fouling stops.

  1. Put 2 wet cotton patches through the barrel
  2. Wet a nylon brush (caliber specific) with solvent and stroke the inside of the barrel 5-10 times.
  3. This is followed by another wet patch and then 2 dry patches.

Once finished for the day, clean your rifle completely to store in a safe, dry place.


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