Our Most Popular calibers in the last 90 days

This is a list that we pulled from all of our orders in the past 90 days to show what is the most popular calibers that we make.

The venerable, 22-250.  Its been a staple in the predator community for a long time and since we started offering our AR10 style rifle in 22-250 four years ago, its been our best seller.  26 barrels/rifles sold in this timeframe.

Next up, a relative new comer to the predator scene, the 6mm Creedmoor.  This is my personal favorite caliber, this month. I run one with an 18″ carbon barrel for predator hunting and I also run a bolt gun for PRS style shooting.  Surprisingly, we sold the same number of 6mm Creedmoors as we did as 22-250’s. 26 sales in the past 90 days.

An old favorite, used to be our number one seller before the 22-250, its the 243.  This is probably the most versatile caliber of them all.  Prarie dogs, coyotes, bobcats and all the way up to deer and elk(I don’t recommend, but its been done a lot).  Sales for the 243 during this time period are 16.

Everyone either has one of these or should have one of these.  The ever so handy, 223.  We use the 223 Wylde chamber to allow folks to shoot 223 and 5.56 ammo out of it, but thats another article in itself.  We sold 11 barrels/rifles in the 223.

If you’ve been following us/me for a while, you will know my all time favorite caliber for predators is a 6.5 Grendel.  My license plate is SD 65G.  Thats how much I like the cartridge.  This is just below the 223 with 10 sales.  Guys who need absolute speed don’t want this cartridge, but if  you do any handloading, try a 95 or 100 gr bullet with IMR 8208 powder, you won’t be disappointed.

This next one has my scratching my head.  Not because of its potential, but we go in waves with this.  One year, we’ll sell 2 and the next, like this year, we have 9 orders for it.  Its the ever speedy 204 Ruger.  Most guys run a 32 or 40gr bullet(if you can find ammo), but the Berger 36gr is my personal favorite.

Another new comer, just about two years on the market is the 6 ARC,  when this came out I was skeptical because I’ve made quite a few 6mm Grendels, I didnt see the purpose behind it, but after shooting it with some friends from Springfield Armory, I was pleasantly surprised.  We as hunters, especially predator hunters needed a factory 6mm round for our AR15’s.  Theres plenty of wildcats, but its good to see this round gaining traction.  Hornady, please start making 87gr vmax factory ammo for us.  We’ve sold 9 of these, mostly carbon barrels

The love it or hate it round:  The 6.5 Creedmoor is next.  I have made myself a 14.5″ hog hunting 6.5 Creedmoor with a carbon barrel, just finished it and ill report on it at a later time.  We’ve sold 6 of these.

The “3-0 HATE”, 308 tied the 6.5 Creedmoor with 6 sales, I’ve been noticing a trend on 308’s for hog hunting lately.  Same with the hawaiian shirts…..  Don’t really understand it,  but I’m getting old and as long as everyone is safe and having fun, who am I to bat an eye.

Lastly in our top 10 sales is the 22 Creedmoor.  Its fast, its flat and its fairly easy to reload for.  That is the only draw back.  No big manufacturers have started making factory ammo for it yet.  When I ran it, I pushed 69gr Sierra Tipped Match Kings at 3576fps.  This was out of a bolt gun and lost my data on it.  We have sold 4 of these.

Rifles are all about choice.  There is no best cartridge, no best bullet or best gun.  Its all relative.  If your gun/scope can hold zero and you do your part, any caliber will work on predators(with limits)  The 22-250 and the 6 Creedmoor have been favorites thus far this year.  Let us know if we can help in any way.