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AR-10(DPMS Pattern) barrel retro -fit


Send us your AR10  upper and we'll retro-fit it with one of our 22-250/22 Creedmoor/243 barrels.


We'll use your upper/bolt/handguard and professionally fit one of our stainless match grade barrels, adjustable gas block and gas tube to.

We know not everyone can afford a complete rifle and quite a few people would like the 22-250, 22 Creedmoor or 243 barrel to use for predator hunting.  Now you can get it done for a low cost.  


We don't sell uppers due to the fit of the uppper/lower.  Not all match up or are super lose or too tight.  We don't want to be responsible for our upper not fitting your lower, so the next best thing is to get your upper fitted with one of our barrels.


We do recommend a new high pressure bolt for these calibers but isn't absolutely necessary.  We do sell those as well as other parts, such as handguards and different gas blocks.


Retro-fit with our barrel, adjustable gas block, gas tube is $499 plus shipping back to you.

JP high pressure bolt(with your bolt carrier) is $200 which includes firing pin.


Email us if you have any questions.