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SD Rifles(Specialized Dynamics) was founded by Scott Milkovich, 11 year Army veteran as a means of building a custom rifle the way you want it built.  It was disheartening to buy a rifle off the shelf and then replace all the parts you wanted, leaving you with a pile of unwanted parts.


Our number one goal is to build you a rifle the way you want it, with the parts that you want on it.  By doing this, it not only gets you a one of a kind rifle, but it also saves you money.


Please let us know what we can build for you.






Latest News

This year, we will be offering some new products, such as our "Phoenix" model, which will be less expensive, but still offer a great value to our customers.  


We also introduced that we will be building the 22 Nosler at SHOT Show, Jan. 17.  We have had this for about a month and are very impressed with this cartridge.


Also, we are looking into a bigger shop to facilitate our growth.


Stay tuned for more, as you will see it here and on our social media platforms as well.






"Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything"

Wyatt Earp

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